Welcome to DoolDeals.com, the source for best deals on the internet.

Now that we’ve been sufficiently modest, an explanation: At Dool Deals, we’re a different kind of online shop. Here’s why we’re the best.

We’re not a “Big Box” eCommerce Store

Ok, so we’re pretty sure there’s no such thing as a big box eCommerce store. But our point is this. We don’t want to be the Amazon of the Internet. Some of our products are cheap, some are not. We don’t carry every variety of every product ever made. And we don’t have waxed linoleum floors. The dooldeals store is more of the swinging double doors, wooden floors with spur marks, silver spittoon at the entrance variety. Informal. Fun. The occasional loud-mouthed, gun-wielding drunk in the corner.

An Internet Business should be Honest, Fair, and Easy to Deal With.

Honesty: We may not have all products, but our collection is best in the industry. Want something that you don’t see on the site, just let us know. We will find it for you.

Fair: On any given day 99% of our products are on SALE. Can eBay beat our prices, the answer is YES. Can you find a better deal on AMAZON? oh yes. We don’t think they can beat the support, service and attention we give our customers. Don’t take our word for it, Just try us.

Easy to deal with: In by addition to our website, you can order by phone, mail, or by clearly writing the desired style of any product on a post-it note and affixing it to a highly-trained pack mule sent to our front door. (Seriously, if you have a trained mule send him. We will give something for free in return.) Returns are 110%.

Still reading? Stop. Take out your wallet and buy anything. We’re 110% confident you’ll love it.

We look forward to saving you money :)-